Friday, April 04, 2008

Dictionary Friday: Maitre d'Butter

maître d' butter; maître d'hôtel butter
A COMPOUND BUTTER made by blending together softened butter, lemon juice or vinegar, chopped parsley and seasonings. It is served as an accompaniment to fish, poultry and meat.

© Copyright Barron's Educational Services, Inc. 1995 based on THE FOOD LOVER'S COMPANION, 2nd edition, by Sharon Tyler Herbst.

Such a weird combination of French and English, isn't it?

Strange dueling languages or no, I may make some of this tonight, to accompany some sort of red meat. Or I may grill some shrimp (on the grill pan; I'm not going to force Cooper outside in the pouring rain) using the cool scented/flavored skewers my mom brought me last week.

Or we may order pizza. It's only 8:15, but wow do I not actually feel like doing anything today...


Kathy aka the Minx said...

I thought maitre d'hotel butter had little bits of chopped up maitre d' in it? (heh - kidding!)

And yeah...Zoi looks like she's either about to start crying, or has just finished crying. boo hoo.

Kit Pollard said...

And she SO doesn't have anything to cry about - she's the one who gets to "touch" her girlfriend if she wants!

Unless she's continuously crying b/c she's realizing that she's not really a creative chef.


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