Wednesday, March 05, 2008

One More Quick Restaurant Review: McCormick and Schmick's

After writing a semi-review of Verbena in my last post, I remembered that I wanted to quickly say something about my lunch on Friday. Dixon and I met my mom and grandmother at the new McCormick and Schmick's in Annapolis Mall.

It's a nice place, but a chain, so I won't get into boring details. But I will say that we all had an extremely good lunch and our service was absolutely outstanding. I had a mixed broiled platter with salmon, a small crab cake, an oyster, shrimp and scallops. Nan had trout that she finished - and she never finishes anything (she's tiny). My mom probably won, though - she had parmesan-crusted sole with a lemon and caper sauce. And Dixon had grilled cheese.

It's not the most exciting restaurant in the world, and there's nothing outrageously earth-shattering on the menu. It's also kind of full of old people (but I think maybe that's just representative of Friday afternoon at Annapolis Mall as a whole). But our waiter was ridiculously nice, totally knowledgable and had an innate sense of when and how frequently to check on us - something that I find a lot of wait staff lacks. The food was good and it was consistent. And my grandmother was happy with everything - which, for me, is often the most important measure.

And that is all.

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