Thursday, March 13, 2008

Old School Thursday: Cocoanuts & Eponymy - Seriously

National Cocoanut Torte Day? Seriously? There really is a day for everything.
Today is also St. Ansovinus' Day – he was, not so famously (to me, anyway), the patron of harvests. It seems a little odd to me that his day would be in March, when things aren’t exactly harvesty, but whatever. I mean, National Cocoanut Torte Day. Nothing makes sense.

But actually, today is a pretty important day in eponymous food history. In 1764, Charles Grey, the famed Earl Grey, was born. And in 1813, Lorenzo Delmonico, of the restaurant and the steak, was born.

On a sadder note, today in 2006, Robert C. Baker died. I’d never heard of Baker, but he touched our lives in way more ways than I can imagine. He was a Poultry and Food Science professor at Cornell and while there, he developed chicken nuggets, turkey ham, and poultry hot dogs, among other things. Mr. Baker…Dixon thanks you.

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