Thursday, March 20, 2008

Old School: Springtime! Edition

Happy Spring! Appropriately, today is also National Agriculture day and the day honoring St. Cuthbert, likely no relation to Elisha, but definitely the patron saint of shepherds.

Somewhat less appropriately, since I think of pasta as buckle-down-and-ride-ou-the-snowstorm food, today is also National Ravioli Day. I love ravioli, though, so why not celebrate it?

Today also marks the anniversary of the establishment of the Dutch East India Company, bringing “the West” easy access to interesting spices since 1602. Hundreds of years later, in 1941 (well predating my “artsy” posts), jazz musician Fats Waller recorded All That Meat and No Potatoes – all in all, a pretty fantastically descriptive song title.

As for food, that’s about it for today. I guess everyone’s always been too busy with the rites of Spring to cook?

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fiddlehead fern said...

Since you're a ravioli-lover, check out what has to offer - Nuovo ravioli (they're beautiful!) for the first time ever to consumers. Fillings include lobster, osso bucco, butternut squash and many more. They taste as fabulous as they look! The Nibble just made them their top pick of the week - the article goes into great detail.


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