Monday, February 04, 2008

Trendy Monday: Covered Markets

I'm not surprised to read that there's an effort in Oregan to redevelop a central location, creating a high-end covered market. Easy access to great seasonal ingredients, alongside foodie-ish restaurants seems right up Portland's alley.

What did surprise me, though, (but maybe I read to quickly?) is that Portland's not already home to a bunch of covered markets.

I guess because I live in Baltimore, where the markets range from fancy-pants Belvedere to cheap beer-soaked Lexington, I assumed that every city was full of similar destinations. (As an aside, I have a very clear memory of going to Lexington Market as a kid, with my mom, to buy a pheasant for Christmas dinner. The next time I went back, years later to go to the Greek stand to get lunch when I worked downtown, I was sort of shocked to find that the market's not exactly full of uber-foodie providers of game and high-end pastries or whatever, but that the walk up to the doors is lined with pirated DVDs for sale and the floor inside is sticker than a fraternity party room on Sunday morning. The Greek food is pretty awesome, though. So are the Berger cookies and cakes.)

Anyway, this article just came as a bit of a surprise to me, and a revelation. Especially since Portland is a revered foodie hub, while Baltimore gets no respect...


Elizabeth said...

So I might be slightly biased about this, but the Reading Terminal Market here in Philadelphia is an amazing covered market that's been around since 1892! Besides having tons of fresh food, it also has Rick's Steaks. Yum.

Kit Pollard said...
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