Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Robert Irvine: The Food Network's Bear Grylls? Milli Vanilli? Anybody?

My internet-reading worlds collided this morning, when my friend Doug (who is our go-to if Cooper and I have a movie or gossip-related question and are unable to get online) emailed me this link to TMZ.

Seems that Robert Irvine, star of Dinner: Impossible, lied on his resume. Unfortunately for him, he didn't just fudge a little here and there - he claimed he helped design Prince Charles and Princess Di's wedding cake. Only he didn't.

Will the scandal spill over into the show itself? Who knows. But since I rarely watch the show, but I love a good juicy gossipy story in which one party is clearly in the wrong, I kind of hope so. Not that I wish any ill will upon Irvine...but I love being entertained!

UPDATE: I've noticed that a lot of people have found this post through Google, so I felt like I should add a little more information. The best source I've found for what seems like even-handed info on this scandal is Wikipedia. Irvine's page has been udpated with a big "controversy" section. Unfortunately, nothing seems conclusive. It looks like he's angered a bunch of people in the St. Petersburg, FL area, so there are likely a few people who are motivated to smear his name. At the same time, they're angry because restaurants he's been planning to open have yet to materialize, so maybe he really is shady.

On the Charles and Di front, it sounds like he maybe, as a trainee, came into contact with the famous cake. But it would be awfully hard to prove either way.

Overall, how totally unsatisfying. I want resolution!

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