Monday, February 04, 2008

Reminders & Announcements

A little housekeeping...

First, and this is an exciting announcement for me, my friend Joyce has started a food blog. She and I used to work together forever ago and now we email about food, the people we used to work with, and other miscellaneous ad agency-ish things. Her blog is called No Turnips, but really it's mostly about making cupcakes. Her goal is to make at least one batch a week for a year. She's been at it for a month now...and so far, so good.

Anyway, you should read her blog.

Second, just a little reminder to everybody, that my food behaviors and attitudes survey is still online. I'm going to pull it down within the next few weeks, but before then I would really like some more responses. If you haven't filled it out, and you have a little time (15-20 minutes, tops), please please please help me out! I'll be sharing interesting findings here, and even uninteresting findings with anybody who emails me directly asking for them.

Third - and this is a little bit of horn-tooting, so sorry for that - Blogher's Alanna Kellogg included one of my posts in a roundup of her favorite posts of January. Interestingly, I think of the post in question as a little disjointed, since it's one I wrote over the summer, then came back to last month. The writing doesn't seem super tight to me, but if nothing else, it is very honest. Anyway, I am very flattered to be included.

And finally, don't forget about the Great Tastes event, coming up February 23rd. A bunch of the bloggers on the panel are getting together this weekend, so we can plan and plot our discussion. I haven't met anybody in person yet, so that will be cool. If you're in Baltimore, hope to see you there!

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