Friday, February 29, 2008

Food Network Scandal Update: Robert Irvine Fired!

Doug (he reads TMZ so I don't have to) just sent me a dramatic update to the Robert Irvine case: his contract will not be renewed and they're looking for a new Dinner: Impossible host!

I didn't mention this the other day, but it did make me laugh to see Bourdain refer to Irvine as the "Dinner Inconvenient" host.'s the Chowhound discussion of this brouhaha. Several of the posters claimed to have worked with, or for, Irvine in the past - they suggest that he was a decent catering-scale chef (though his knife skills are in dispute - one poster says they sucked, another defends them), but that he was definitely prone to spinning tall tales about his past. Another poster says Irvine frequented his restaurant in St. Pete Beach (ground zero for this whole scandal) and that Irvine was "a gentleman with a great understanding of the culinary field" and that all of the embellishment was the fault of his entourage. But he's a lone voice.

Also, a few enterprising commenters post links to cached web pages from Irvine's site...specifically the "About Us" page, which is now "under construction".

And finally, I just tried to go to Irvine's Food Network bio page. I got an error. Shocking.

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John said...

I'm looking on the bright side here: at least they won't be re-running that dreadful Deen/Cora vs Irvine/Florence Christmas Iron Chef episode next Chrismukkah season!


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