Friday, February 08, 2008

Dictionary Friday: Mouthfeel

From The Food Snob's Dictionary:

Food- and wine-writer term that literally describes how an edible or potable substance feels in the mouth, but often carries a discomfiting erotic undercurrent. Keller's signature pairing of oysters and tapioca has a slurpy, slippery mouthfeel that can't help but put one in the mood.

Chosen for two reasons: First, I finished reading The Food Snob's Dictionary (which I purchased for myself after Christmas, only to find out a week later that my brother had actually gotten it for me but accidentally left it in Richmond. so now I have two copies). It's totally funny. And it confirms that I a) don't really know anything about food and b) don't let that stop me when I'm trying to sound like I do.

The second reason is that (in my ridiculous efforts to sound like I know what I'm talking about), I totally busted out a "velvety mouthfeel" comment after dinner last Friday night. I think I must have been laughing as I said it (even though it did accurately describe the wine I was drinking). Apparently, being pretentious cracks me up.

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