Thursday, January 03, 2008


I do a lot of work with a big research company called Synovate. They do all kinds of consumer research on a global scale - over the past few years, I've done some really cool and interesting projects with them.

They're a good company and do great work - so imagine my excitement when I found this newsletter in my email inbox - it's all about food!

I haven't read it closely yet, but at first glance, the biggest surprise I see is that 57% of French people say they eat junk food when they're feeling down. In a way, I guess that's logical: the French are notoriously emotional and food is such an integral part of their relationships that of course it would be connected to their emotions.

But at the same time, I guess I assumed the French had a somewhat healthier relationship with food than, say, I do. Maybe I've been indoctrinated into the French Women Don't Get Fat school of thinking, but I was somehow under the impression that the French have a magical way of relating to food in an exclusively positive and healthy way. Guess not.

Anyway, the newsletter includes lots of interesting little findings along those lines. If you're at all into research, it's a good read.

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