Friday, January 18, 2008

Foodie Baby

I'm not going to turn this into a boring blog all about Dixon, but occasionally he makes me laugh with his tiny precocious foodieness. Like last week, when he demanded a wasabi pea and, when I finally gave him one just to prove to him he didn't like it...he loved it. His little face was all red and his eyes were full of tears, but he jumped up and down and demanded another.

Or day before yesterday, when he learned to say "salsa" and "dip" all in one sitting.

Or yesterday, when he decided his new favorite book was Street Food by Tom Kime. Usually when he toddles over to me carrying something, it's a collection of trains or a copy of Biscuit Goes to the Pumpkin Patch or something equally mind-numbing. Not yesterday. He sat on my lap for 15 straight minutes looking at the pictures and laughing as I read the names of the dishes (he especially likes "baba ganoush"). We read it again this morning.

A few more teeth come in and I'm going to be in the same boat as Matthew Amster-Burton, writing on the new about his 3-year old daughter's penchant for steak houses...

I should start saving now.

UPDATE: Dixon just took down almost half a Vosges Red Fire Bar. I really should start saving now if he's going to expect $7 candy bars as treats. Delicious, though. And oddly enough, he seems totally unaffected by the sugar, the caffeine or the chiles. Iron stomach and phenomenal metabolism. Good genes, if I do say so myself.


mamster said...

Have you tried the Vosges bacon bar? I loved it, but Iris thought it was too weird, and she likes bacon everything.

Kit Pollard said...

Actually, I only started giving him the chile bar because we ate the whole bacon bar. Dixon liked that one a LOT.

I liked it, too. Didn't think it was too weird - but I am a really big salt and chocolate fan. Cooper (my husband) said he'd have liked it better if there was more bacon and if it was dark chocolate. A little more bacon would've worked, I think, but I definitely was into the milk chocolate.


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