Sunday, December 30, 2007

Want to Go and Restaurant Review: Taste

Cooper and I had to pick a restaurant at the last minute last night, when my brother's birthday dinner at Les Folies was cancelled due to the neverending sickness plaguing most of my family. I wanted to show him a potential kitchen lamp at Nouveau (super cool, and he liked it, but they only have one, we need two, and they and aren't sure if they can get a second), so we decided to give Taste yet another try.

And it wasn't bad. It wasn't amazing, but as I said to Cooper today, I think at this point, after 3 kitchenless weeks, I'm romanticizing my own cooking, thinking I'm better than I really am. Last night I kept saying, "this is OK, but I could do better." Cooper had lamb and I had the filet and both were cooked perfectly, but nothing was super special. Mine was topped with chevre and sundried tomatoes, which was interesting, but I was expecting some sort of interesting blend, not just a slab of cheese topped by a couple of tomatoes straight out of the jar. Plus, our dessert was most likely not made on site. And my salad - greens, goat cheese, candied walnuts and red onion - was overdressed with balsamic vinaigrette that was just slopped on the top of the salad, not tossed.

The service wasn't terrible, but it wasn't stellar. If Taste was a notch less expensive, I wouldn't complain. But it's not. During dinner, I got increasingly cocky about my capabilities in the kitchen. Very soon, I'm going to come crashing back down to reality.

But that is not actually what I set out to write a post about. My initial intention was just to say: I wish I'd remembered that Woodberry Kitchen was open - we definitely would've gone there instead. It's owned by Spike Gjerde (formerly of Spike & Charlie's), his wife, and Nelson Carey, the guy who owns our wine bar (where we also went last night, and go to see some of our favorite bartenders). Elizabeth Large's review of Woodberry Kitchen will be in the Sun next Sunday - it'll be interesting to read.

P.S. Some people are more generous to Taste than I am. If you're looking for objectivity, here's Urbanspoon's Taste page:
Taste in Baltimore

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