Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Can't Even Pretend

musical venn
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I've spent the past hour searching for a way to make this about food so I can legimately post it. But unless I make some vague comment about the necessity of the Cris, there's just no connection.

But here's the thing: about a week ago, I changed the blog subhead from "a blog about loving food...sort of" to "food. culture. research. whatever." which is a much more apt description of what I want to write (whether it's what I actually write is debatable, but that's where the "whatever" comes in).

So in the spirit of "whatever" (and "research"), I found this really, really funny. Warning: much of the language is EXTREMELY NSFW, as it is a bunch of really dry Excel graphs and charts illustrating the properties of rap music.

Equally pseudo-researchy, but far less potentially offensive, I'm also all over Jessica Hagy's Indexed site. Hilarious.

And, OK, this is about food. But just a reminder that the Urbanspoon blog is pretty great when it comes to combining the research with the culinary.

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