Friday, September 28, 2007

Marketing Makes Me Hungry

Despite my years of employment in advertising and market research, apparently I am outrageously susceptible to marketing ploys.

This morning, Trader Joe's tricked me into buying a head of very special romaine lettuce that I do not, in any way need. I already have three heads of romaine PLUS a bag of baby romaine in my refrigerator. And yes, lettuce is a highly perishable good.

How did they trick me? Simple. By naming it "Rockstar Lettuce." So cute I couldn't help myself. Unfortunately, I'm not kidding.

Then, at lunchtime today, I wanted to kiss whichever genius came up with the Yoplait Kids/Dora cross promotion. Yes, I did have to take a break from feeding Dixon every ten seconds so he could make out with the yoga container, but Dora's smiling face and oddly compelling eyes did convince him to eat something other than guacamole and string cheese. So mommy is happy.

And now I'm convinced I'm on the verge of a gigantic Indian food kick, all thanks to Wes Anderson. I probably won't even see The Darjeeling Limited until it's on HBO, but my embarrassing addiction to Anderson's quirky and preening aesthetic all but guarantees an immediate uptick in curries chez Pollard.

I'm such a sucker.

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