Monday, July 30, 2007

Public Service Announcement

It's Baltimore's restaurant week.

Unfortunately, due to a combination of work and an upcoming weekend at the beach and a lack of babysitters, Cooper and I will not be able to partake (which is a shame, since two of our favorite nights out have been during the past two restaurant weeks).

Also to come after the aforementioned work and beach trip: new posts. In particular, I've got a couple of restaurant reviews stewing. The short version is:

Captain Pete's (Greek and in Fenwick Island, DE): Good. Very, very, very good and consistently so.

Severn Inn (American/seafood and in Annapolis): Bad. Such horrendous service that I emailed the restaurant after my experience...only to have them ignore my email. Much like the wait staff ignored my table. It's a shame, too, because some of the food is good and the view is spectacular. I am, in general, fairly forgiving about bad service, especially when I'm eating on the bar side of a restaurant (as I was in this case), but this service was so egregiously bad that it actually raised my heart rate. Actually, my heart rate's a little high just writing about it.

Anyway, more to come on those. Next week.

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