Sunday, June 10, 2007

Women at the Table

Somehow I missed that Field Maloney followed up on his wine vs. beer article in Slate with an online question-and-answer session on It adds a little to the article itself, though it's not really long enough to add significant depth.

One point raised by a reader caught my eye, though. She mentioned that her family only drinks wine at group events because it's the women who make the decisions about what to serve, and the women just prefer wine to beer (better taste, less bloaty, etc. etc.).

Maloney comments that the influence of women on overall food and drink trends is an interesting one that hasn't yet been fully explored. In all of the food-related research studies I've designed and/or analyzed, the role of women has been both undeniable and explicit. This isn't something new to marketers. They target the female head of household for a reason. But I'd love to read a really thorough and careful exploration of how this role of women's is influenced by and, in turn, influences the overall public perceptions of food. Something that goes past just the marketing into the subtle shifts in perception that occur over time. Would be a totally cool project for somebody...

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