Wednesday, March 14, 2007


On a very non-fun, non-foodie, technical note: if you've left a comment here over the past, oh, two years and I haven't responded: I'm really sorry! I converted the blog to the new blogger today and just noticed that I had a ton of comments out there.

To those of you who commented on Dixon - thank you! And to those of you in Baltimore - I hope to be more active, writing-wise, in the coming months, and would love to talk about the food climate here. But to those few of you who weren't so nice in the comments - come on, this is a food blog! Just show the love, OK?


Alanna said...

Oops! (And funny! At least you're not another 'obsessed' food blogger!) Do you know that you can get e-mail notification when you have a new comment? It's a great feature, a setting on Blogger.

Kit Pollard said...

You know, it used to be turned on, but I think I actually turned it off because I was getting comment spam. Now that I can moderate comments in the new blogger, though, I'm going to turn it back on. Will be SO much easier! Thanks for the reminder!


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