Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Playing Catch-Up

I swear I have not completely forsaken the blog. Only sort of. Between tons of work and going away last weekend, I've gathered a bunch of things to write about, but I don't have any time to sit down and concentrate on writing a real post. So, until then, a taste of what's to come:

- I spent last night watching Tony Bourdain drink his way through Sweden (and eat a little, too). My favorite Bourdain shows are always the ones that cover places I've been - and this was no exception. Stockholm is a fantastic city (though I visited during a gorgeous week in May, instead of a dark, cold week in November). And everything he says about how beautiful and blond everyone is - it's absolutely true. Plus, reindeer = crazy delicious. Not surprisingly, it tastes much like venison.

- Two weeks ago, my sister came over for lunch (she was home for spring break) and she brought me a present: this book. It comes wrapped in an egg carton and its layout and typography reminded me so much of an issue of Black Book or Paper that I was almost surprised not to see a MisShapes photo spread. Really, it's pretty awesome. I haven't made anything from it yet, but I could look at it all day. And, naturally, I am obsessed with its explicit combination of food and design.

- Very soon, I'll have a bunch of stuff to say about the new issue of Food & Wine. I won't, however, have much to say about the cover story - Bobby Flay in Savannah. Not that there's anything wrong with Bobby and Stephanie in Savannah...they seemed fine. And I enjoyed the Paula cameo. It was the writing that got me. The article was so poorly written that I was actually distracted while reading it - I couldn't stop thinking about what my AP English teacher, the brilliant and genteel Miss Cook, would've thought about the article. And it was on the cover! Like F&W doesn't have it's pick of the best food writers around? Like they don't have EDITORS? A harsh edit would've done a world of good. For the article and for my psyche.

OK, back to work now. And, honestly, more to come on all of these topics (and more) - I promise!

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