Monday, March 20, 2006

Not Surprising

I should mention that, of course, I watched the Ina Garten Chefography last Thursday night. And, of course, I loved it. I sort of want to be Ina more than ever now. I believe my fascination with her is now beginning to border on the obsessive. I will be sure to keep it in check.

Seriously, though, what an awesome life. Besides that whatever she touches turns to gold (writing nuclear policy at 26? Running a successful specialty food store - before specialty food stores were hip - at 30? She's killing me.) - she seems to be a genuinely happy person. Smart, driven and hardworking, yes. But happy. And so happy with Jeffrey, too.

At any rate, in honor of the show (and to celebrate my triumphant return to the kitchen), last Tuesday night I made her boeuf Bourguignon (I'm not sure how long that link will last. The recipe can also be found in Barefoot in Paris.) It took a few hours, but wasn't overwhelming and tasted deliciously rich. Plus, I managed to light cognac on fire without burning down my house. I was pretty pleased with myself on that front.

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Cham said...

Ina Garten? Was she writing nuclear policy or working in an office where nuclear policy was written? Um, come on! You can get your public relations machine to spin just about everything. Ina's husband isn't hurting for cash, he's the Dean of the business school over at Yale. When somebody is able to say, "Okay Jeffrey, you go work in New Haven and I'll stay here in the Hamptons where the air is clean." then you are already living a life of comfort and joy.

I'm happy for Ina, but let's not go overboard. Besides, who wants to weigh 400 pounds? Ina, put that butter away, even Jeffrey doesn't want to eat pounds of it. She grows bigger every year.


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