Monday, February 27, 2006

Because It's Been a While

strawberry trifle
Originally uploaded by Kit Pollard.

...since I posted a picture of anything I've made. Last week, for our friend Sheila's thirtieth birthday, I made (and made up) an easy strawberry trifle.

I, very simply, layered store-bought ladyfingers, strawberries and Jello vanilla pudding. The whipped cream on the very top layer is homemade (but really, that's not so taxing).

And look how pretty it turned out.

My only regret was my decision to go all Barefoot on my friends and soak the ladyfingers in dark rum. Sounded good at the time, but I didn't consider just how much rum ladyfingers can soak up. As pretty as the trifle was, it tasted like a cheesy college bar shooter.

But minus the rum, it would've been great. I promise. And again, look how pretty...

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Cate said...

This post has been kidnapped for ARF/5-A-Day #9. ;)


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