Thursday, December 22, 2005


Posting will be nonexistent today, as I celebrate my thirtieth birthday by traipsing all over the state and ending up at McGarvey's (the site of my infamous 21st birthday festivities). So far, my birthday season has been a good one, with lots of parties and presents...including the fabulous Barefoot in Paris, from my friend Alison, who took me to Fresh Fields for the first time (nearly 10 years ago).

She gave me the book last Saturday. I'd read the whole thing by Monday. Every recipe sounds amazing - and amazingly easy. I wish I'd gotten this book the week I decided to learn how to cook. That's how un-intimidating it is.

Plus, the photography is beautiful and the writing is vintage Barefoot - lots of "how fabulous does that sound?" and "how easy is that?"

And bad can that be?

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J.R. said...

Happy Birthday! and thanks for the write up on my site:)


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