Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Empty Restaurant

Ann Althouse (another blogger I read when I'm not reading about food, though she does write about restaurants and food somewhat often) tells the story of visiting a local restaurant to find it both very good and very empty, and how unsettling and sort of sad and uncomfortable that experience is.

Cooper and I have had that exact experience in Towson, with a restaurant called Fresh Fresh Seafood. It's right on York Road, near all the other restaurants and shops, so theoretically it should do well. But it's always empty. It's not fancy at all, but the food is very good (and there is a lot of it).

We went at the suggestion of Cooper's parents, who warned us that the restaurant would be empty and that the proprietor is the nicest lady in the world. They were right on both counts. So right, in fact, that something about the dinner made us feel so guilty we never went back.

Now, reading Althouse's commenters take her to task for feeling bad about the restaurant situation, I realize how silly, and sort of wrong, it was of us not to go back. We should!

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