Monday, October 17, 2005

Saturday's Big Dinner

salad ingredients
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After doing a little light food reading on Saturday morning, I was inspired enough to brave the weekend crowds at the market. I made the rounds, hitting the Italian butcher, the produce stand and the bread, cheese and soup place. An hour and an embarrassing amount of money later, I came home feeling healthy, fabulously supportive of local business and farms, and enthusiastic about dinner.

Then, we got a call inviting us to a friend's house to cook out. A handful of people were coming over; everyone was bringing something of their own to grill. It was beautiful out, so we decided that I'd make dinner as planned, and carry it up to our friends.

Fortunately, I tend to buy heavy. There might only be two of us, but I always cook for at least four.

First, I made the salad. Nothing fancy, just hearts of romaine with a bunch of heirloom and grape tomatoes. My favorites were the little yellow round ones: their skin was almost clear, like they were light yellow grapes, and they were so tart I winced eating my first. Delicious! And so pretty!

I threw a little lemony balsamic vinaigrette into a plastic container, and one course was down.

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