Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I made this up! And I love heart of palm!

heart of palm salad
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The other night I had a brief and unusual burst of creativity, combined with a not-so-brief or unusual craving for heart of palm.

I can't say enough good things about heart of palm. It is delicious tasting, has a texture that only does good things to salad, good for you, and so easy to snack on while cooking dinner.

And now I know that I can experiment with it.

Night before last, I was quietly reading when I started daydreaming about heart of palm. (Embarrassing as it is is to admit, I daydream about food pretty regularly).

I decided to buy some the next day. Then, out of nowhere, I had an idea: I'd stuff it. Pull out the center and put something in there. What - I wasn't sure. But something.

Fast forward to last night. I had the heart of palm on the counter, split in half, insides removed to form two little boats.

I just happened to have a bunch of grape tomatoes also sitting on the counter. I thought they'd look pretty on top of the creamy heart of palm. So I chopped a small handful. Then I chopped up the leftover heart of palm and added that to the mix. And I sprinkled in a few capers.

And voila! I created something new. Feeling like a culinary genius, I laid the hard of palm on a bed of romaine, spooned the mixture into the heart of palm boats, and drizzled a little olive oil over the whole thing.

So pretty! And so much flavor! Cooper even liked it (and sometimes he's when he tried my watermelon, chevre and black pepper salad - but that is a story for another occasion).

Now if I could only translate that confidence and success to the main course...

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