Monday, September 12, 2005

Cake for the Twins

twins' cake
Originally uploaded by Kit Pollard.

I'm not much of a baker - something about the necessity to measure things exactly makes me very nervous. And when I'm decorating, my nervousness builds, so I usually end up with squiggly, shaky lines.

I do persevere, though. Try, try again and all that. When I do manage to make something both pretty and tasty at the same time, I am unreasonably proud of myself.

This cake is one such thing. I baked it for a baby shower last month - a friend of mine is having twin girls any day now and I decided to go with a simple monogram for the cake (instead of trying to cram Congratulations or Welcome Leah and Maya in a smallish round space). I used power point to decide on the font, printed out a sample and softly carved the monogram into the frosting with a knife before I picked up the tube of white frosting.

Four hours and a lot of nervous tension later, I was probably prouder than the parents-to-be.

It even tasted good, too! Who knew I had this in me...

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