Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Drinks: Hot Right Now

Just a few observations:

Grapefruit is kind of a thing these days, huh? We've had grapefruit soda around here on and off for the past few months, and Cooper has been on a grapefruit cocktail kick at restaurants. We've been into it since way back in 2010. So when I read a blurb about grapefruit in the July Bon Appetit, I wasn't totally surprised. Suspicions confirmed.

Speaking of "kind of a thing," it seems like food writers all over the place are trying to make rose+strawberry spritzers happen. I made the one at the right after reading about it in Food52. Now the drink is in trend territory - I spotted a recommendation for a strawberry-rose spritzer in a July BA infographic (not yet online, but worth searching out: "The Wine Insider's Guide to a Cold, Crisp Easy-Drinking Summer").

I haven't tried the BA version, but I'm sorry to say that Food52's drink left me wanting more. There seem to be two types of summer cocktail people: Those who prioritize "refreshing" over "taste" and those who, well, do the opposite. I'm in camp #2. Give me tons of flavor over a giant watery drink any day.

And finally: juniper berry soda, where have you been all my gin drinking life? On a whim, I picked up a four-pack of DRY (that's the brand) juniper berry soda at Atwater's the other day and I'm so glad I did. Last Friday was hot, hot, hot, which meant that cocktail hour required something viciously refreshing. Cooper and I like our Southsides with gin (I know, not standard) - so I mixed a few ounches of gin with a large splash of Southside mix and topped the whole thing off with the juniper berry soda. Flavorful, refreshing, perfect.

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