Friday, April 24, 2009

Entertaining Friday: Baby Showers

Despite the fact that babies are born year-round, it seems to me like most baby showers take place during the spring and summer. Maybe I'm just projecting, since that's when mine were.

At any rate, last weekend was my friend Mandy's baby shower, at my house, hosted by a kind of mish-mash of friends and relatives. Since it was at my house, though, I got to do the fun part - the menu planning (although Mandy's sister, Jennifer, insists that she got to do the fun part - the invitations).

Mandy has a special love for little things, so we decided that we'd focus on tiny food for the shower. Plus, it started at 2 p.m. - that post-lunch, pre-dinner time that's perfect for finger foods.

The menu included, among other things:

If you're having a

daytime party this summer, I can't recommend the basil cups highly enough. They are so cute.And (some courtesy of Jennifer):

Tea Sandwiches

Basil Cups with Goat Cheese

Mandy and Dixon (who totally, unsurprisingly, thought it was his party)

My High School (Girl) Friends

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Anonymous said...

awwh that looks like a fun time! nice menu Kit!


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